Mash 2015: Surround sounds and colors

Technology isn’t allowing me to post the audio recording I made. Today is the Mash Parade and there is soca and reggae and steel drums going, some R&B a few blocks away, the ice cream truck is a consistent tune underneath it all and the birds are tweeting. Layers of sounds to be coated in. I’m taking it all in. Listening, and not only with my ears. With my heart. And one of the things I enjoy about going out of the country is that I get in touch with my intuition more–more rest and new things to pay attention to awakens the senses and I root deeper and become present. I can raise my hand, because yes, I am present. Meeting my father the other day confirmed and affirmed some unresolved feelings–things my little girl self needed tending to and my adult self is proud that I was able to create this encounter (with the help and support of many many) so that closure could be experienced. I’m listening with all my years and lives. It’s wonderful that I am here when Guyana is celebrating its independence. Everybody is waving their hands in the air and bouncing their booties.

This year’s theme for Mash was “One People, One Culture, One Celebration.”


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