Countdown Begins: Guyana in 13 Days!

In several days, my wife and I head to Guyana. A long trip, with a significant layover in NYC, we then take a direct flight to Georgetown. I’m excited and anxious, and excited some more. Right now we are busy with packing–what to bring, what not to bring; check bags or just carry-ons? We’re looking at the travel guide again: “Let’s go to Kaieteur Falls, maybe take a day trip to Shell Beach and see the turtles” . . . mostly, we are looking forward to relaxing, to meeting my father’s family, to hearing stories about who’s who, and where’s where, and to amassing the leaves on my paternal tree.

A colleague reflected back to me that this trip “is going to change me on a cellular level.” True.  I feel it. I’m thinking, each day I will write. I will wake up and write, and before I go to bed I will write. It is how I will integrate all that is happening, all the information that is coming my way–there will be so much to feel through. I have carried my father’s absence for a few decades, and now I’m giving it definition and content. What is to come from all of this?

On a LGBT note, since Guyana has laws against “buggery” (which is very much directed toward gay men), it is good news to hear that the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination has received $10,000 of US dollars to build a LGBT center. Maybe they will begin breaking ground when we are there. To read more, visit

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