Plane tickets are purchased, and we’re headed to Guyana in late February, which we’ve come to find out is during their annual celebration of becoming a republic in 1970, known as Mashramani. (It is also referred to as “Mash.”)

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Mash: “The word “Mashramani” is derived from an Amerindian language and in translation means “the celebration of a job well done”. It is probably the most colourful of all the country’s festivals. There are spectacular costume competitions, float parades, masquerade bands, and dancing in the streets to the accompaniment of steel drum music and calypsos. Masquerades frequent the streets performing acrobatic dance routines, a vivid reminder of Guyana’s African heritage. Calypso competitions with their witty social commentaries are another integral part of “Mash”, and this culminates in the coronation of a King or Queen for the particular year.”

I’m reminded of the times my family and I would go to the Caribbean Day Parade, along Eastern Parkway, in Brooklyn. I’m excited!

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