Dear ___: An Epistolary Writing Workshop

Hosted by Hazel Reading Series

Sunday, December 7; 3:30-6:30pm
California Institute of Integral Studies
1453 Mission, SF,  94103; Room 607

Sliding scale $15-$25; register here:

In this writing workshop led by Arisa White, participants will experience the liberatory effects that epistolary writing can have on their individual voice. They will take in consideration the aesthetic qualities of storytelling, with the direct address of letter writing, and explore the necessary rhetorical devices to express their unspoken truth. Discussion, mindfulness activities, and generative writing exercises will help to guide participants through the composition of their own epistle.

If participants write letters addressed to an estranged or absent father or patriarchal authority figure, they will have an opportunity to submit their letters for publication and receive a copy of dear Gerald, written by Arisa White. dear Gerald is a collection of 33 epistolary poems and prose, addressed to White’s estranged father, who she last encountered over 30 years ago. dear Gerald has been funded by the Center for Cultural Innovation.

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